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23.03.04 :: 13:00:51
java version of max
30.09.03 :: 12:13:58
PD - Pure Data
"Pd is a real-time graphical programming environment for audio and graphical processing. It resembles the Max/MSP system but is much simpler and more portable".
01.08.03 :: 14:51:08
Vanguard of a future visual-sampler generation.
Most beautiful and fascinating performance software tools to create loops and more...
06.01.05 :: 12:16:25
"(Temporary吋ransnational吋errestrial吋ransdimensional) Organisation for the (Promotion同roliferation同ermanence同urity) of Live (Algorithm再udio再rt再rtistic) Programming"
Look for TopLapSystems - find Systems For Live Coding.
22.03.04 :: 22:20:31
[The EyesWeb Project]
Touched by the idea of real time audio and visual data manipulation from the first contact with digital arts, i am glad to find a project that does not block out interested minds by means of commercial or even "ideological" barriers. So even if you don愒 want to get deeply into that stuff, here is a ressource to get a clue.
EyesWeb concentrates on motion-tracking but has options for working with a wide range of realtime data and device input.
21.10.10 :: 23:15:16
Tool: vvvv
"vvvv is a graphical programming environment for easy prototyping and development. "
... first link here on 01.08.2003
"coincidence, fortuity or just the right time? Anyway, here is another "toolkit for real-time video synthesis and controlling physical devices." by meso.net. Where the EyesWeb GUI looks a little bit oldfashioned, vvvv comes like the mother of lauki & co from ixi, minimalistic GUI included :).
Note: vvvv comes with a patch that IS an IRC-Client !!! Have a look yourself, the beta toolkit is free for download after simple forum-registration. "
30.06.04 :: 21:00:11
[CyberSpaceLand Software Home Edition]:
"Perform a search engine! Now, you can enjoy the home version of the same software VJ 鈁ergeek uses in her live CyberSpaceLand VJ shows - without the smokey club haze! Join the Textperience!"
21.10.10 :: 23:28:53
daw to processing to daw
Sequencer oder digital audio workstations k霵nen midi senden..l. processing kann midi verarbeiten... Hier hat sich schon mal jemand daran versucht.
01.08.03 :: 14:44:23
Proce55ing is an environment for creating electronic media. It is a sketchbook for developing ideas and a context for learning fundamentals of computer programming within the context of the electronic arts.


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